Unemployment Taxes Are High Enough, Don’t Make It Worse0

No one likes to discharge an employee but sometimes they leave you with no choice. However, one of the risks of letting people go is that they may file for unemployment benefits and if successful, your unemployment taxes may be even higher.

While not exhaustive, here are a few suggestions that may help you better contest and win unemployment claims of terminated employees:

  1. Discharge sooner rather than later. Anyone can make a hiring mistake. If it becomes obvious that a new worker is not keeping their end of the employment bargain by not performing up to your standards, don’t put it off. Failing to act in a timely manner may be interpreted as accepting the low level of performance.

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Possibly THE Most Important Area for Creating Positive (or Negative) Impressions of Your Restaurant0

(NOTE: We realize you probably already KNOW this. The real issue though is how well your restaurant is actually DOING it.)

Some time ago I had to replace the catalytic converters on my car and found myself in a worn out looking muffler shop in a not-so-great part of town. I had bad vibes as I pulled up but went in anyway as my regular mechanic recommended the place.

While waiting for my car to be fixed I went in their restroom. I was shocked to find that it was sparkling clean from top to bottom, had classy, modern fixtures and a long counter with extras like hand lotion, Kleenex, and even a small bouquet of FRESH FLOWERS. Not exactly what I had expected. … Read more →

Motivation before an important meeting

Most Winning Restaurants Have a Weekly Huddle. Do You?0

A common characteristic of many successful independent restaurants is the owner’s practice of pausing each week to meet with their management team. They regularly get together to review how the restaurant is performing and decide on a plan of what to focus on in the coming seven days.

Having a weekly review and planning discipline helps managers clearly understand what their priorities are and what they need to do to accomplish specific, short term goals and objectives.

The cornerstone of this approach is having a brief, well-organized weekly management meeting in which the owner and all managers participate. … Read more →


A Simple Solution on How to Motivate Your Staff0

In a recent thread on our Member Only discussion forum one of our members asked for advice on how best to start an employee-of-the-month program. Though the answers she received were not what she was expecting, the replies provided her with creative ways to motivate staff to do a great job and create a positive culture.

One of those replies began like this, “Employee of the month has little to no value. You’ll always have that one person who doesn’t agree then will start a smear campaign against that person. It only creates a negative culture.

We use what we call a “WOW” card. We’ve printed up a little card that says “WOW on the front, inside it has a space to explain what the person did that was great. It also has a tear off portion that you can fill in the name of the person who the card is for and a place for the person that submitted it. The tear off goes into a jar and every month we add up who has the most WOW cards and they get a prize. Then we randomly pick a card and the person that submits a card gets a chance at a prize. … Read more →


Why Being Better Rarely Leads To Success In The Restaurant Business0

Previously we discussed creating or clarifying your restaurant’s unique experience proposition. We mentioned that one of the most important elements in the experience proposition is the one or possibly two differentiating characteristics the truly set your restaurant apart from your competition.

Hopefully you don’t believe that merely having good food and service will cause customers to flock to your restaurant. Maybe 20 years ago in a good location, but not anymore. Good food and service barely gets you into the game today. Of course, good food and service is important, but unfortunately not sufficient for a restaurant, in most markets, to attract any more customers than the competition. … Read more →